Food&Pharmaceutical laboratories

ALS Food&Pharmaceutical is active on the market as a reliable partner in the field of food and feed testing, nutritional supplements´ and pharmaceutical products´ analyses. We are a leading laboratory in this segment as a result of continuous improvement of our services. Our measure of success is our clients’ satisfaction and trust.

We offer a wide range of accredited tests performed by fully qualified and experienced analysts. We have extensive laboratory facilities containing first-class laboratory equipment and are consequently capable of dynamically responding to our clients’ individual requirements. Thanks to our background as an international company, we are able to regularly modernise our laboratory equipment and continuously improve the services we provide to customers.

In addition to laboratory analyses, our consultants also provide advice and consultations concerning the configuration of sampling plans, the scope and frequency of analyses, and help in interpreting results and their connection to current legislative requirements. We also arrange collection of samples and accredited sampling procedures.